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There’s an alchemy that occurs when the perfect colour in the perfect finish catches the perfect light. Instead of just looking good, suddenly the space feels different. It's part science, part art, and part magic; born of years of training and practice in the arts of painting and architectural colour creation.


Scanlan & Makers match colour by eye and apply custom wall treatments by hand in collaboration with designers, trades and clients to deliver a unique, beautiful space that feels incredible, every time you cross the threshold.



Director Clare Scanlan has qualifications in Fine Art (painting), as well as Painting and Decorating, along with a decade developing colour for a boutique commercial paint brand.


This skill-set results in Scanlan & Makers developing and applying custom coating-systems using paints, plasters and pigments that are as intuitive as they are technical, and always designed to powerfully impact the feeling of a space.​

Clare is passionate about researching and utilising local colour, which includes grinding locally sourced pigments, creating handmade natural paints, using recycled or 'waste' materials and matching colour from the local environment.


This sees Clare digging local clay onsite, colour-matching native flora, boiling avocado pits for ink, hassling her network of manufacturers for new and innovative locally made products, or chipping away layers of paint to reveal original stained plaster walls in historic buildings. 



Our Makers are the beating heart of our business.

Part Painter & Decorator, part Problem Solver, part Artist, our Makers work tirelessly alongside Clare to bring your creative vision to life.

Their skill-set is hard-won over many years, usually across multiple hands-on creative disciplines. They come from theatre production, fine art, construction, decorative arts, music, even the corporate world. 


The work we do is unique, melding elements of many disciplines. In turn we find talented makers and spend hours training them in the precise skills required to carry out our exacting work.

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We are inspired by walls that tell a story. Imperfect, natural beauty is our specialty - from the most subtle undulations of a handcrafted lime paint to the decaying grandeur of a century old plaster wall, we aim to create finishes that are visually arresting in the moment, yet stand the test of time.

You can see our paint and plaster finishes at many vibrant hospitality, retail, commercial and residential projects around Melbourne, and country Victoria.

We value longevity, innovation, community and sustainability with a big dose of mind-meltingly gorgeous texture and colour.

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