Scanlan & Makers are your expert collaborator for visionary wall treatments, from concept to application.

We offer:

  • Customised Colour

  • Customised Wall Treatments

  • Expert Application across a range of traditional & modern products

  • Technical Support

  • Professional Sampling

  • Coatings Advice*

Art, science and a little magic...

Director and Coloursmith Clare Scanlan brings fine art training and 9 years developing colour for the high end commercial paint industry.

She has the rare ability to scientifically create colour from scratch, matching to any physical sample by eye (talk to us about onsite colour matching).

This means a Scanlan & Makers finish can be developed to match any scheme, or brand colour. We can also develop truly unique palettes for your project or client. 

Scanlan & Makers offer the flexibility of colour, texture & functionality you need from your wall finishes.

Because we work with you from concept to application, you know that your specification will be applied by experts. We can also alter colour as other materials inevitably change through the specification process. This means you get a highly bespoke finish that is also completely flexible and fit for purpose. We take the risk out of custom paint finishes.

Our specialty and first love is colour, and we understand the impact that texture, product and light have on this mutable element.

More than just applicators, Scanlan & Makers are experts in their field and have the ability to transform a space through stunning colour and time-honoured methods.

Our tools are trowels, rags, block-brushes, scrapers, sandpaper and floggers. We use them to apply plasters, paints, lime washes, glazes, waxes and mediums in an endless combination of delicate and durable creations.

To find out more about how Scanlan & Makers could enhance your project, make contact now.

 *talk to us about low VOC coatings and breathable paints for historic buildings.