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Jordan Wood's initial contribution to Local Colour was via a collaborative work with Clare Scanlan for Craft Victoria, where the pair explored the native Victorian rich blue pigment Vivianite through traditional craft practices of ceramics, collage and paint-making. The eerie stories of death, bones and the sea that this mercurial pigment has to share can be explored further here, but that's not where this collaboration ends. 

The cell-like clay vessels Jordan crafted for the October show with Craft Victoria became the inspiration for the custom drinking vessels for Scanlan & Makers' Melbourne Design Week event Local Colour. Instead of the deep, transient blue of Vivianite, or the amber hues of gum arabic and honey, the vessels now contain deep ruby gin and find function after form.

Explore Vivianite, from Demon's Bluff Anglesea here

Explore Jordan's work and make contact for commissions here.

Images below are the process-paintings created using Vivianite pigment, and bear the remnant stains of the paint-making process and the unusual green-blue that occurred when the vivianite was ground and blended with a natural lime wash. The vessels contain a hand-made and natural watercolour from this precious pigment, gin, or the ingredients from the paint-making process.

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